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  • The Everyday Zen Fall 2015 Practice Period is underway. Click on this link to go to the Practice Period page.
  • Norman’s long-awaited and eagerly anticipated new book, Magnolias All At Once, is now available from Singing Horse Press! Magnolias All At Once is a collage or conversation, composed of his new translations of Dogen Zenji’s Uji and the poetry of the late poet, Leslie Scalapino. Norman discusses and reads from the work during this recent talk at Green Gulch Farm.

  • Norman and Kathie will be leading another weekend retreat at Upaya Zen Center from October 15 - 18, focussing on the Six Paramitas. The day before the retreat begins, he'll be giving the Wednesday evening dharma talk and presenting his new poetry book, "Magnoias All At Once" that features his translation of Dogen's "Uji." 


Jewish Meditation

Jewish Meditation
For many years Norman with his close friend and colleague the late Rabbi Alan Lew has taught Jewish meditation. This collaboration resulted in the Makor Or Jewish Meditation Retre…

Grupo Zen de Puerto Vallarta

Grupo Zen de Puerto Vallarta
Coordinated by Anka Rick Spencer, the Puerto Compasivo ("port of compassion") (formerly Grupo Zen de Puerto Vallarta) is a Soto Zen practice group in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Most…

Bay Area Dharma Seminars

Bay Area Dharma Seminars
The Dharma Seminars are an intimate way for Bay Area students to study and practice together. The evening includes a period of Zazen followed by study and small and large group d…

Elberon Zen Circle Programs

Elberon Zen Circle Programs
The Elberon Zen Circle is a sitting group in Long Branch, New Jersey. Please contact Brian Unger for practice schedule and location information.

Everyday Zen Dialogs

Everyday Zen Dialogs
These day-long sessions are be led by experienced teachers in the Zen tradition, skilled in helping individuals and groups explore inmost concerns. Activities will include medita…

Full Moon Bodhisattva Ceremony

EDZ Full Moon Bodhisattva Ceremony
“The Full Moon Bodhisattva Ceremony is a profound ceremony of confession and repentance and provides a great occasion for us to appreciate the precepts together and share our pract…

Becoming a Student of Everyday Zen

Information about becoming a regular student of Everyday Zen
Everyday Zen is grounded in the actual world we live in. We realize that people lead busy lives with family, work, and sometimes also political, social, or artistic commitments. E…

All Day Sittings

Monthly all day sittings
These traditional yet relaxed all day sittings include meditation, a silent lunch, dharma talk/discussion and dokusan (private meeting with Norman or a senior EDZ teacher). Sugge…

Baizhang's Fox - Everyday Zen Retreat June 2013

Chris Fortin and Jay Simoneaux give this talk on Baizhang's Fox to the Everyday Zen Retreat June 2013.

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Upcoming Events

Dec 02
Three individual dharma talks from Sue Moon (12/2), Jay Simoneaux (12/9) and Chris Fortin (12/16)
Dec 04
An annual 7 day bilingual and bicultural Rohatsu retreat Friday, Dec. 4 - Friday, Dec. 11 at Mar de Jade in Chacala Mexico.
Dec 09
Three individual dharma talks from Sue Moon (12/2), Jay Simoneaux (12/9) and Chris Fortin (12/16)
Dec 13
One Day Retreat led led by Chris Fortin, and including the annual Enlightenment Day Ceremony
Dec 16
Three individual dharma talks from Sue Moon (12/2), Jay Simoneaux (12/9) and Chris Fortin (12/16)

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